Air, Sea and Land transportation companies can digitize their business processes with Queeme. Integrate with Queeme to eliminate your customers' dissatisfaction with the long queues at the ticket offices and improve your business processes. Offer your tickets, services, products and other services for sale with our online infrastructures, without using any box office. Optimize waiting times and increase your work efficiency, Allow contactless transactions while managing social distances with the digital queue-taking method. Get feedback from your customers by increasing your personnel performance with our productivity infrastructure. Get to know your customers closely and follow their frequent visits. Prioritize your valuable customers.


If your customers expect priority and quality service from you, you can make your company more profitable with our Queeme Customer Experience Platform. With our Queeme payment infrastructures, you can sell your products in a contactless way, you can queue digitally, and your customer can track how long their turn will take on their phone. By offering a privileged new generation customer experience, it is possible to make more sales and create happy customers. Your employees are both satisfied and your customers until their turn comes… Your customers can increase your sales by continuing to shop during the existing waiting times. Get to know your customers closely, monitor their frequency of visits and organize special discounts and campaigns for them. Add value to your brand and customer loyalty.

Food & Beverage

Effective management of time, speed and service quality in the food and beverage industry are the keys to growing your business. Everything is being reconfigured with Queeme digital services. Home ordering, Table ordering and Take Away services at Queeme. Whatever service you want to offer to your customer, Queeme is with you. Contactless services where all orders and payments are made by the customer at the table without using a waiter are possible with Queeme. Now you can instantly report the problems and improvements in your restaurant, cafe or branches. You can follow up all of these questions remotely with Queeme, how many minutes you have to visit a new customer, how many staff you should work with, how efficiently your staff work. Get to know your customers closely. What age group are they and what choices do your customers care about, get feedback and monitor your glitches. Develop your business and contribute to your growth. Manage your campaigns, define free products and discounts and grow your business quickly.

Healthcare Services

Would you like to move the service between your patients and staff to a more efficient structure by minimizing the process confusion in health centers with Queeme? You can create social distance in digital by eliminating the queue barrier between the patient and the doctor. With our digital infrastructure, your patients can make contactless and instant transactions in outpatient clinic registration, appointment stages, examination moments, laboratory services and many other areas. With Queeme, it is possible to prevent big risks quickly by noticing the problems experienced. Avoid wasting time caused by incorrect procedures or waiting moments that arise with the instructions given to your patients. Manage your payments and collections contactless. Offer rapid treatment protocols and increase staff productivity in emergency rooms.

Banking & Financial Services

You can turn your business processes, which customers often don't like to wait, into a pleasant and better customer experience. Unnecessary expected moments are now digitalized and disappear with Queeme. You can instantly inform your customer that after a few minutes it will be their turn. In this way, your customers can manage their time as they wish. With Queeme, everyone can take a queue, whether they are a customer of your bank or not, and can follow their queue digitally. How many customers did your staff serve today? How long does it take to complete the transactions? How many customers come to your branches daily and they spend their time in that environment. Monitor and manage them all from a single center. Maximize your productivity with our reporting tools.

Event and Organization

Do you find it difficult to serve thousands of people at the same time , manage crowds and please everyone ? Then use our Queeme Digital Customer Experience Services. Get new visitors and customers with Queeme. Get your tickets and products or special services with our payment methods. Keep track of who is opting for your events, their age group, gender, next attendance, and special clientele. If you have VIP areas, you can manage the entrances and exits with a single digital infrastructure. Where were the problems in the last event, visit or organization? What are your customers complaining about, was the number of your staff sufficient? The answer to all of these is in your pocket with Queeme reporting tools. What would it be like if we told you that you can both sell your tickets with our online infrastructure and manage your queues by eliminating the toll booths? Happy customer experience at Queeme