FAQ From Customers

You can use the Queeme application by downloading it to your IOS and Android devices from your respective stores.

You can get services from businesses without downloading the application. There is no requirement. You can get a queue or product service via your mobile phone without installing the application by reading the Queeme qr code in the kiosks in some of our businesses or in the environment. The application offers you opportunities at our member businesses. We recommend you to use the application for a better experience.

No age limit applies. Anyone can easily become a member.

Download the Queeme application and create an account, you can easily and quickly become a member of the system.

You can renew your password by entering the Profile settings section within the Queeme application.

Within the Queeme application, you can change your password by going to Profile > Settings > Account > Reset password.

Within the Queeme app, you can delete it by going to Profile > Settings > Account > Delete My Account.

You can use it by logging in with your e-mail address and password on devices such as phones and tablets with the Queeme application.

Your personal information is processed and preserved in accordance with the Law on the Protection of GDPR & Personal Data No. 6698. The companies you are a customer of are in order to offer you campaigns and opportunities.
They can contact you through your information.

The Queeme application on your phone shows the nearest businesses to you through your current instant location. You can take a queue from the relevant screens by choosing the nearby business you want to queue for. Find out how many minutes your turn will take and follow up on your phone.

There are some reasons that may cause you to have problems with taking a queue. You may not have sufficient internet connection or you may be experiencing technical difficulties on the device you are logging in. You can ask for help from the staff in the business. After checking all the steps, try again by refreshing the Queeme application. If the problem persists, you can create a support request.

Queeme allows the remaining time for your turn to be sent to your phone as an instant notification. In order to see these notifications, you must activate your phone’s notification settings and Queeme application notifications.

Queeme notifies you when the remaining time for your turn approaches. In this notification, it again questions the status of being in line or not. If you wish, you can cancel the queue and take the queue again.
Our delay queue feature is not active yet, but you will be able to postpone it very soon.

When your process is completed for you to evaluate the service you have received, Queeme will share the evaluation screen of the business and the employee providing the service to your phone. You complete your process by making your evaluation. If you are satisfied or not satisfied with the service you receive, you can send the necessary information on this screen.

When you buy a product or service on Queeme, you can make the payment with your credit card or complete your payments by transferring money to your virtual wallet. Your credit card information is not kept in our database in a way that risks your data and personal information security. Additional security protocols provided by the payment infrastructure provider are used.

In our system, you can safely purchase products and services using only your credit card or debit card. The right to offer different payment options in different countries may be granted.

Make sure that you enter the information of the credit card or debit card you used during the payment process completely. If your credit card is closed for online shopping, you may need to change this approval by contacting your bank. If the limit of your credit card is insufficient, you can request a limit increase from your bank. In case of instantaneous technical problems with service providers, you can contact the customer service or branch of the bank you receive service from. Or you can write to us to follow up the problem from the support section of the system.

You can get service from our contracted member businesses. The location information of your phone will instantly present the businesses closest to your current location in the system. You can take advantage of Queeme advantages by choosing the business you want to buy products and get service from.


In order to become a registered member business by being among the Queeme business partners, you must first choose one of our packages on the www.queeme.com website. You can start your membership process by filling out the “Business Registration Form”. After this approval, application users will start to display your business in their locations. As soon as you send us a signed and certified copy of the merchant agreement, including the relevant company documents, a confirmation code is created in our system and notified to the company representative. When all processes are completed, your business becomes an approved member workplace.

After you fill out the form on the Queeme home page, you will receive a response within 3 working days at the latest. Any time extension is related to the intensity of the teams. You can fill out the form and send it again.

Member workplaces keep their systems active by logging into the member workplace management panel with their business user name and password. You can access this system via an internet connection with a tablet, phone or a computer system in your business. When users purchase products or services from your business, they can choose their business with the help of the Queeme application and receive service from the relevant member businesses. The user’s name and surname are displayed on your member workplace management panel. The user who comes after the transaction is called with a notification sent to his phone. According to the user serviced business and point; The vault gets its service in the queue or transaction area and the transaction is completed. When the service provided to the user is completed, the transaction is terminated by giving approval from the member merchant panel.

Queeme requests feedback over the system interface for the evaluation of the received service, every time a transaction is completed. The user shares the business, service personnel and experience in this area. It instantly monitors the notifications received through the member merchant admin panel. Instant performances of the business and personnel can be reported and monitored

You can define personnel within the package purchased from the “Personnel Identification” field on the member workplace admin panel. Follow the instructions on the admin panel for additional personnel definitions.

Since the name of the merchant is combined with the trade name, if there has been a change in your trade name, a new account should be opened for this change and the old account should be closed by notifying us. Accounts that cannot be changed and whose trade names are closed cannot be transferred to another account or business, and payments are not made. In order to avoid problems in this regard, you are obliged to notify us of your business name change request 15 business days in advance. You can fill in our related forms from your administration panel and send them to us. You can make changes to the member merchant password via the online password request step.

If member businesses have more than one location under their brand; They can add information and addresses of the relevant branch, store or service point by clicking the “Add Location” button on the merchant management panel. Name, location and address changes regarding the branch, store or service point can be changed in this field. Then you can add your products and services. If you have a branch closing, you can delete the location from the relevant steps and cancel the payments.

Defining a new workplace is done through the admin panel. When a new location request is opened, Queeme follows and evaluates the information about the new workplace to the team. After the relevant approval process, the definition becomes active.

You can perform the steps to make your business passive or active from your account steps in your merchant panel. When you want to exit the system completely, you can remove your business from the system by following the steps to delete my account. Before closing your account, you must have issued the relevant invoice for the payments in your account balance and sent it to us. If you have completed this step, you can safely terminate your account.

In package change processes, you can make your package changes from the package instructions in your admin panel.

Queeme member merchants can offer their products and services for sale through our payment infrastructure.

You can view all the demands and orders of your customers from the merchant management panel. You can instantly measure contactless service offerings and customer expectations.

Kredi kartınızı, banka kartınızı kullanarak güvenle ödemelerinizi yapabilirsiniz. EFT, havale, banka puanı ve kapıda ödeme ile ödeme yapılmamaktadır.

The payment dates of our member businesses vary. According to the date in your contract, your payment will be transferred to your relevant account in the days after the invoices are completed.

Within the framework of the contract provisions, each member merchant can track the total amount accumulated in the account step from their account balances on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The balance amounts at the end of the month are collected in the business account. When the specified balance in the business account is reached, an invoice is requested as Queeme. After the invoice is issued, the relevant payment to the enterprise is transferred to the bank account of the enterprise within 10 working days.

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